7 Best Portable TVs

With the rapid advancement in technology, electronic devices are getting smaller and come with more features than what we are used to in previous years. So if you are also always watching news or movies on you TV and want something compact to bring with you, then what you need is a portable TV. There is not much innovation on portable TVs, however there are some upgrades to the device like a better display, battery and increase antenna power. These are the key features to look for if you don’t want to waste your money on inferior ones that will not perform as you would expect. So, if you are planning to buy a portable TV, then here are some of the things you need to consider before buying.

Top Rated Portable TV 2017

Haier HLT71 7-Inch Handheld LCD TV

Why we like chose this item for you:

  1. It has a selectable screen aspect ratio of 16:9
  2. Features multi language OSD- English, French and Spanish
  3. Hyper-mobile: Comes with AC adaptor, car adaptor and remote control

The most important thing to consider is the display of your portable TV. Currently, LCD display is the mainstream however there are still some low quality LCDs being used by manufacturers just to gain more profit. An average consumer won’t really notice a big difference in the display but it will become a factor when viewing in low light or outdoors.

Another thing to consider is the aspect ratio. The physical size of a portable TV screen is the concept of the aspect ratio. An aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the width of an image (or indeed, a screen on which an image is displayed) and its height, expressed as a ratio. A portable may have a feature that you can select the right aspect ratio in order to fully utilize the screen display.

The connectivity option is also another thing to consider when buying a portable YV. you may want to connect digital devices such as DVD players, digital camcorders or games consoles, or you may want your portable TV to double as a computer monitor as some point. If this is the case you need to look for a range of connection interfaces. Now if you want the best portable TV available, below are some examples of the best you can buy today.

Best Portable TVs

Best Features
What Users Say
Price Level
Our Rate
Envizen Digital ED8850B Features built-in ATSC digital tuner for easy access of available digital TV channels; simple A/V connectivity to allow game console attachmentGoodModerate3.8 / 5
Tyler TTV702 9″ Portable Widescreen LCD TV 9″ portable rechargeable digital LCD TV compact & convenient; includes AC adapter & DC adapter for RV or automobile use; built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery GoodModerate3.7 / 5
SuperSonic Portable Widescreen LCD Display with Digital TV Tuner 9″ small & convenient to use; built-in digital tuner, stretchable antenna to access more channels & a greater programming variety; rechargeable lithium battery GoodModerate3.5 / 5
AXESS TV1703-9 9-Inch LCD TV Easy to pack & comes with built-in speakers & rechargeable battery; digital TV tuner, SD card slot + USB port, full function remote & power adapter; comes with AC power supply Very GoodModerate4.1 / 5
VIZIO VMB070 7 – Inch Edge Lit Razor LED LCD Portable TV 7” LED LCD TV with high-resolution picture, touch controls + built-in antenna; includes remote control, adapters for DVD/Blu-Ray player or game console connection & carrying pouch; built-in fold-away antenna & Dolby Digital sound with 3.5-hr battery life GoodModerate3.8 / 5
Haier HLT71 7-Inch Handheld LCD TV 7” LCD screen switches between 16:9 & 4:3 aspect ratio; built-in ATSC/NTSC tuner with detachable antenna; includes AC power adapter, car adapter & remote controlOutstandingModerate4.5 / 5
RCA T227 7″ Portable Widescreen LCD TV 7” widescreen portable TV comes with built-in ATSC digital/NTSC analog tuner; detachable antenna, flip-out stand & AC power adapter; rechargeable battery + full-function remote controlGoodHigh4.0 / 5

7. Envizen Digital ED8850B

Enjoy your favorite entertainment on the go with this Azend Envizen Portable Digital TV with DVD Player. Now, you can watch your favorite movie, catch up on your favorite TV, listen to music, or even play your favorite game. It features a built-in ATSC digital tuner, which allows you to access all available digital TV channels, and simple A/V connectivity so you can attach you favorite game consoles.

6. Tyler TTV702 9″ Portable Widescreen LCD TV

Tyler TTV702 9″ Portable Rechargeable Digital LCD TV is small and convenient without compromising features. Never miss the big game again or connect a DVD player or game console for private viewing. Whether you are enjoying your favorite programming at home, an RV, camping, or in your backyard the TTV702 has you covered. The portable television includes an AC adapter for home use, a DC adapter for RV or automobile use, as well as a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery.

5. SuperSonic Portable Widescreen LCD Display with Digital TV Tuner

This Supersonic 9″ Portable Rechargeable Digital LCD TV is small and convenient. Just because you can’t be at home, doesn’t mean you have to miss the big game. This 9″ LCD TV has a built-in digital tuner. The antenna can stretch, so you can get better reception and have access to more channels and a greater variety of programming. Its lithium battery is rechargeable so you use it while travelling.

4. AXESS TV1703-9 9-Inch LCD TV

This portable TV is great for anyone on the go. Easy to pack with built in speakers and rechargeable battery. This little guy has a digital TV tuner along with a SD card slot and USB port allowing you to watch home videos or digital broadcast. Keep the kids entertained all day long with this great TV. It includes a full function remote and power adapter. This product only has an AC power supply.

3. VIZIO VMB070 7 – Inch Edge Lit Razor LED LCD Portable TV

Watch your favorite digital programs away from home with the VIZIO’s 7-inch Edge Lit Razor LED LCD Portable TV. It features a high-resolution picture, touch controls, and built-in antenna. It includes remote control, carrying pouch, and adapters for connecting your DVD/Blu-Ray player or game console. There is also a built-in fold-away antenna and Dolby Digital sound. With up to 3.5 hours of battery life,

Best Portable TV For Car:

2. Haier HLT71 7-Inch Handheld LCD TV

The Haier HLT71 portable LCD TV gives you the ability to enjoy your favorite television programs anywhere, any time-in your home or away. This handy little portable TV has a 7-inch LCD screen that switches between a 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio. It has a built-in ATSC/NTSC tuner with detachable antenna enabling you to receive crisp reception of your favorite channels. The HLT71 includes an AC power adapter, a car adapter and a remote control.

1. RCA T227 7″ Portable Widescreen LCD TV

The RCA 7-inch Portable TV allows you to watch your favorite shows on the go. It comes with a built-in ATSC digital/NTSC analog tuner that allows for both kinds of inputs making the T227 widely compatible. Further, the Digital LCD TV has a 7″ widescreen display, a detachable antenna, flip-out stand, AC power adapter, rechargeable battery, and full-function remote control.

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