7 Top Fitness Apps To Get in Shape In 2017

7 Top Fitness Apps To Get in Shape In 2017

The newest trend in fitness technology, smartphone fitness apps assist and support you in your workouts and diet plans.  These fitness apps provide a variety of useful features.  If you wish to try out the app first before buying, most of the apps also conveniently offer a free and a premium version.

Best fitness apps to consider

1. Nike + Training Club

An incredibly detailed app from a well-known fitness brand, Nike + Training Club contains everything you need to motivate you.  It has multiple workout programs to choose from which have been made by topnotch trainers.  You can also monitor your progress and see your performance based on your workout programs, length of time, and calories burned, plus, you can receive encouragement from the online community.

2. Sworkit

Sworkit has several convenient features to customize your workout sessions.  It lets you pick which body parts and muscles you want to work on and then the program helpfully gives you a list of choices.  You can also select the length of your workout.  Aside from that, special programs are also offered such as low impact exercises and exercises for newbies.

3. Endomondo

Best for people who like outdoor exercise, Endomondo gives you a training program whatever your activity, cycling or running, for instance.  Your performance is tracked such as distance covered and length of workout among others.  You also receive updates on your progress in meeting your personal goals, as well as motivation from other people in the app’s community.

4. DailyBurn

Steadily gaining popularity is the DailyBurn app.  It gives you expert advice from experienced trainers. It also provides easy to follow workout programs in videos which you can do from home including various exercises like yoga, cardio training and weight training.  Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, you’ll find a workout for your needs.  This app comes with a nutrition program as well.

5. RunDouble (Couch to 5K in 9 weeks)

One of the top apps for aspiring runners is RunDouble, Couch to 5K in 9 weeks.  It delivers motivation to get you going double time.  You can record your performance and progress and you are notified and encouraged when you’ve reached part of your target.  You can also customize your training plan for your preference whether you’d like to take it slow or accomplish your goals faster.

6. JEFITWorkout App

Another favorite among fitness enthusiasts is the JEFITWorkout App.  It provides a wealth of exercises together with in depth instructions.  You can choose from all these exercises to create your own routine and personalize your workout to meet your needs.  You can also take note of your progress as the app measures your performance.  The online community is highly supportive as well.

7. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal’s greatest feature is its nutrition tracker with a comprehensive catalogue of food and even recipes.  It’s ideal for gauging the number of calories you’ve consumed versus what you’ve burned and other numbers from your workout.  It also includes a number of exercises for commonly used workouts such as cardio, strength and yoga.