7 Predictions For Future Smartphones

Mobile phones have drastically transformed over the years. They now work like your own virtual assistant, making them an indispensable must-have. Industry experts have made seven predictions for the future smartphones, including:

More educational tools

Experts believe that mobile phones will become an important tool in people’s educational needs. The numbers show that one in three kids own a smartphone, meaning the future where such device will become an important learning tool is extremely possible. Schools today use mobile phones to alert parents on classroom changes and truancy.

Ultra HD

Ultra HD or 4K is the newest cinema-quality standard. The detail it offers is four times as much as the full HD. The most exciting part of watching UHD videos on your smartphone is the experience similar to that when you are watching in a cinema. Sony has already pioneered the concept with its Xperia X5 Ultra.

Eco-friendly features

Eco-friendly products are a hit nowadays. This is why environmentally-friendly mobile phones will most likely come to life. In fact, Kyocera introduced a solar-powered smartphone in 2016, but they admitted that the technology will not replace the need for wall chargers anytime soon. The phone was only designed for people who work outdoors, and those who are always away from a power source.

Virtual reality

Tech giants are currently developing the Virtual Reality technology. It is not impossible that, in the future, smartphones will have this feature. The VR will not only be used for gaming, but will also become useful in navigation and searching for information.

Button-less units

The top smartphone brands are expected to say goodbye to buttons. You will still feel the “click” whenever you press on the screen, but only through vibrations. Haptics are now being used in some of the latest models, making them slimmer, more reliable, and more responsive.

Flexible phones

Mobile phone manufacturers have been working on designing a smartphone that users can fold into two. Nokia introduced The Morph mobile phone, which was introduced in 2008, promising to change the user’s experience. Fast forward to today, Samsung has been talking about flexible phones at trade shows and the Galaxy Round was the closest it can get to for now.

Holographic displays

Holograms have been appearing in futuristic and sci-fi films. People have began to question whether this technology will become a reality in the future, and the curiosity heightened when a rumor about the iPhone 6 having holographic functions surfaced. This feature, however, never came to life and the same rumor is inexistent for the upcoming iPhone 8. It can still become a reality, though, and industry experts are hanging on to this possibility.

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